5 Ways a Mail House Can Make Your Project Easier

5 Ways a Mail House Can Make Your Project Easier

If you’re planning on using direct mail marketing to get your message across then you’ve already made a great choice. Everyone from small businesses to charities and political parties can benefit, and the good thing is that it doesn’t have to be hard. 

With a bulk mail house on your side, everything from planning to the finished product can be much easier. So let’s put our message in the professional’s hands and find out 5 ways that they can make our projects easier. 

  1. Say Goodbye to Manual Labour

There are a lot of manual processes involved in sending out a large amount of letters from your office. Who will draw the short straw in your organisation and be lumbered with things like envelope addressing and licking, and letter folding? Before you start advertising for an intern, know that there is a better way. 

The technology contained within bulk mail houses make many of these previously manual processes a breeze. With high speed folding machines, envelope enclosing technology, and even inkjet addressing, you won’t have to worry about any of these menial tasks.

PLUS, your mailhouse can sort and/or barcode your mail to ensure that you receive the maximum postal discounts available to your packages. 

  1. Professional Protection for Your Mail

Have you ever received a magazine or a pamphlet in the mail that came wrapped in a plastic casing? Consider all the advantages that they bring.

The use of plastic wrap as a packaging medium has a number of benefits. 

Not only do they keep your delivery dry, they also give off the perception of professionalism and authority. Bulk mail houses can literally wrap your message up in a nice little package that keeps it safe and gets it noticed. Another advantage is that most plastic wrap these days is degradable, meaning that it will break down after a period of time. The fact that you are using degradable film can be advertised to the recipient, enhancing the fact that you are a responsible environmental citizen. 

  1. Australia Post Experts

When organisations are using the postal system they’re usually doing it in bulk and as part of a wider campaign. This makes planning essential and the best professional advice absolutely crucial. 

As well as turning to your marketing guru, turn to your mail house. These professionals understand Australia Post specifications intimately, helping your message to be produced in the right format and at the best prices. Speaking of price, they will also give you a rundown of costs and deadlines, as well as offering processing and professional printing.

  1. The Essentials at Your Fingertips

This might seem like an obvious question, but where are you going to get all those envelopes? Getting the essentials for your mail campaign might seem simple enough, but after researching, sourcing and individually buying each element, the costs can add up – both in time and money.

Your mailhouse will also ensure that the correct postage indicia for the service you are using appears on your package. 

A bulk mail house provides a true one stop shop and end-to-end solution. Not having to worry about the smaller details can really help you focus on the more important metrics. 

  1. Simply Experience

Doing something for a long time doesn’t guarantee proficiency, but when coupled with professionalism it gives you a much better chance of success. When you’re building a new office you turn to architecture and construction professionals and when buying or selling an asset you get the lawyers involved. 

Choosing an experienced bulk mail house for your project is the same thing. It gives you the peace of mind that only comes with professionalism and experience. 

With more than 30 years experience, coupled with full certification as an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner, Adelaide Business Bureaux is the experienced team for your project. We’re so confident in your success that we’re even happy to give you a tour of our facility. 

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