Unaddressed mail? ABB can handle your letterbox mail

Unaddressed mail? ABB can handle your letterbox mail

One type of direct mail solution Adelaide Business Bureaux offers to clients is unaddressed mail campaign delivery, which accesses all addresses available in the Australia Post system.

This is made possible in conjunction with our bulk mail partner, Australia Post’s unaddressed service which provides access to up to 11.3 million letterboxes for community notices or up to 8.6 million letterboxes for other advertising.

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The main advantage of using the Auspost unaddressed service over a regular “streetwalker” service is purely the full access to addresses. Streetwalkers operate at street level and do not often have access to a home that is located on the second, third or fourth floor, or a business’ post office box.

Another advantage of the unaddressed service is that your package is delivered along with regular addressed mail, rather than the “bundle” of flyers and catalogues that is the hallmark of the streetwalker service

This is beneficial as statistics show that up to 83% of people take addressed catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive into the house.

ABB can book delivery, print, prepare and lodge your unaddressed direct mail  

We regularly process unaddressed deliveries for clients, from booking the suburbs and/or postcodes required for the delivery, through to printing, labelling, bundling, traying and lodgement with Australia Post.

Lodgements generally revolve around a two-week cycle, meaning if your direct mail campaign is  booked on a Monday, it gets loged the following Monday, with delivery commencing the Monday after that.

Quicker turnaround is available through Australia Post’s premium service with an added cost.

The Delivery Point data (whether Suburb or Postcode) is available on the Auspost.com website and is updated regularly, providing up-to-date numbers to assist in the planning and printing for your unaddressed campaign.

What types of letterbox advertising can ABB send?

The types of direct mail we book and deliver include:

  • envelopes, cards and postcards
  • catalogues, flyers and brochures
  • samples and coupons
  • wrapped or folded items


Get a free quote for your unaddressed mail

If you are unsure how to go about organising or sending your unaddressed campaigns, call us today for a chat on 08 8340 8340. Or drop by at our Hindmarsh HQ.

We can supply postcode or suburb numbers and quotes for the printing, processing and lodgement of your materials. We will even book the campaign for you. All you need to supply is the artwork for the mail.

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