Australia Post Price Hike – The Facts

Australia Post Price Hike – The Facts

For as long as there has been formal communication, mankind has needed ways to get their message across. One of the most prominent and effective ways to do this has been through mail processing. Australia’s postal service has been delivering letters since 1809 and their iconic red letterboxes still populate our streets. However, dwindling demand has changed the landscape for Australia post and in 2014/15 they recorded their first loss in more than 30 years.  5 650 Australia Post red mailbox

This has led to a price hike for letter senders who face a greater than 40 per cent increase on the price of the basic stamp. So what does this mean for businesses and individuals alike? Let’s find out more. 

Price Updates – An Overview

In response to losses totalling $222 million, Australia Post increased the prices of postage on January 4, 2016. 

The basic postage rate – which is what affects most every day letter senders – has increased from 70 cents to $1. This is an increase of more than 40 percent, and it comes along with a 2 business day increase for the delivery of these letters. 

What About Concession Prices?

The price changes that Australian Post has made do not apply to concession stamp prices. These will remain at 60 cents and the price of seasonal greeting cards will remain at 65 cents. 

This is a win for 5.7 million eligible Australians, who fall under this concession system. 

Australia Post’s Priority System

As previously mentioned, there have also been changes to the speed at which letters will be delivered. Australia Post’s new three-tiered system is divided into express, priority and standard postage. 

Express post will cost $5.75 and provide next business day delivery and tracking options. 

Priority post will deliver your letter in 1-4 business days and will cost $1, plus an extra 50 cents for a priority label. 

Regular post is what we’ve already discussed. It will cost $1 and take up to 2 days longer than the priority option. 

Other Things to Consider

Imprint Mail

Imprint or metered mail is for business account customers of Australia Post. It is imprinted with ‘Postage Paid Australia’ or another mark that indicates payment. 

  • Priority prices
    • $1.45 for small letters
    • Between $2.40 and 5.25 for large letters (depending on weight)
  • Regular Prices
    • 95 cents for small letters
    • Between $1.90 and $4.75 for large letters (depending on weight)

Charity Mail

Many charity use bulk mailing services and other postage means to spread their messages and promote donations. Australia Post’s prices for charity mail are: 

  • Priority prices
    • Between 60 cents and $1.125 for small items (depending on destination, numbers mailed and barcode condition)
  • Regular Prices
    • Between 0.0495 cents and 90 cents for small items (depending on destination, numbers mailed and barcode condition)
    • Between $1.03 and $1.88 for large items (depending on destination, numbers mailed and barcode condition)

For many people, Australia Post’s changes may simply be an inconvenience. For businesses and organisations that rely on bulk mail though, this could have a greater impact. By siding with a local bulk mail house, these businesses can increase efficiency and cut these costs. 

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