Beat the Australia Post Price Hike

Beat the Australia Post Price Hike

Whether you’re a local businessperson or a concerned consumer, you have undoubtedly heard about Australia Post’s changes to pricing and service. The nation’s iconic mail service has reformed its prices and procedures to try and wind back the clock and reverse a massive loss in money.  A shiny red mailbox with mail in it

Headlining Australia Post’s changes is a more than 40 per cent increase on the price of basic stamps and a new priority system for delivering mail. While this could be mean big price increases – particularly for organisations – there are ways around this. By partnering with a bulk mail house to deliver your message, you can continue to save cash. 

What’s Happened at Australia Post?

Australia Post’s nationwide network is made up of more than 4000 post offices and 11 million postage points. 

As traditional mail goes through a revolution this massive operation has been threatened, resulting in a $222 million loss in the 2014/15 year. 

In response, Australia Post officially updated its prices on January 4 2016, with the basic postage rate increasing from 70 cents to a dollar. 

A new priority system also see’s changes to when your letters are delivered, split into express, priority and regular post. You can read more about all this in our Australia Post price hike breakdown.

What Does This Mean for My Organisation?

Services like bulk mail processing and direct mail marketing have always been important to organisations. Whether you are promoting your business, organising an appeal for a charity or simply supplying an information bulletin, these services remain a frontline way to get your message across. 

Many organisations choose to manage their mail internally, due to perceived cheaper prices and a low volume. 

The postage rate increases at Australia Post will – at the very least – threaten the viability of this internal management, and for some organisations this will become completely unviable. 

Counteracting the Extra Costs

If your organisation wants to cut these costs, consider an external source for your mail management. Bulk mail houses are experienced, professional and knowledgeable teams who can handle your post. 

These teams often handle everything from printing, to sorting and barcoding for bulk postage, with a few being fully accredited Australia Post Bulk Mail Partners (an intense quality control system). By acting as a one-stop shop, they cut out the middlemen, providing a service and a price that internal mailing simply can’t match. 

The prices charged for the very efficient planning, production, printing and processing services, with the ensuing postal discounts are often more than enough to counteract the Australia Post price changes. 

Saving Time and Money

How many letters can you fold in one minute? What about addresses – can you write them quickly, clearly and accurately? And can you add a barcode and sort correctly for lodgement? (Both are essential to achieve postal discounts). 

These are the sorts of questions that you don’t need to worry about when dealing with a mail house. Their tools and technologies ensure that everything is done quickly and accurately. From high-speed printing and high speed folding to envelope enclosing, your friendly mail house will have machinery for everything. 

Using a mail house limits the chance of costly mistakes, because they will advise on the best size and conformation of your materials to maximise your savings, thus giving you the time to concentrate on your core business. 

If cheaper and more effective mail sounds ideal to you, then contact the bulk business mail experts at Adelaide Business Bureaux.  Call 08 8340 8340 to talk to an accredited Australia Post Partner and turn price hikes into large savings for your organisation.