Envelope Enclosing Machines

We have two types of envelope enclosing machines at Adelaide Business Bureaux.

Intelligent Enclosing Machines

When you’re completing a mass mailing campaign how do the letters and posters get into the envelopes and who makes sure that they all end up in the right place?


Sometimes envelopes need to be packed with several personalised documents in a specific order and, of course, that all-important mailing information needs to be facing the front. That’s where intelligent enclosing comes in.


Our intelligent enclosing machines enclose two or more personalised inserts into an envelope without error. Don’t worry about checking and double checking every envelope before sending them off. Intelligent enclosing is completed with machine-like precision, using barcode readers to ensure perfect accuracy.


The process involves barcoding each personalised insert at the printing stage. This ensures that when each personalised piece goes through the enclosing process they are scanned by a barcode reader, to ensure that each individual piece matches and is accounted for. In the same process they are folded together and enclosed in an envelope.


It’s as easy as that!


To get an idea of how long it takes to do all that, our intelligent enclosing machines are capable of enclosing up to 10,000 DL pieces per hour.


In the past the matching of two personalised pieces would have been done manually and sometimes this is still the case. If the piece is large or shaped unusually then (i.e not able to be processed by machine) these jobs are completed by experienced staff, all as part of our processing service.

Basic Enclosing Machines

Not all machines are made equally, but our basic enclosing machines can still handle a range of enclosing tasks that we can take off your hands.


We have several basic enclosing machines at our disposal, and each of them can enclose one personalised piece with up to five generic pieces, filing them away safely in an envelope for you. Again, this depends on size and thickness of inserts and testing is recommended to ensure that machine enclosing is an option when this number of inserts is required.


Our basic enclosing machines do not have a barcode reader but are still capable of enclosing up to 10,000 DL pieces per hour, per machine.

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