Executing an Effective Direct Mail Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

Executing an Effective Direct Mail Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

In the modern day and age of digital marketing and email technology something as straightforward as a direct mail campaign might seem old-fashioned. While delivering your message directly to a letterbox might seem outdated, it is also highly measureable and when executed correctly, highly effective. 

Whether you’re a charity, a political party or another organisation, direct mail continues to deliver results. With that in mind, we’re going to examine 5 simple steps to mastering your mail campaign. 

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  1. Start with the Simple Things

When people plan these campaigns they tend to get overwhelmed by the large logistical details, overlooking the core steps to success. The first thing to do when planning a campaign is to ask yourself ‘what is my message?’ and what is my market?’ 

Once you understand what you’re trying to say and who you’re trying to say it to, you can successfully scale your campaign up and down. With direct mail marketing, your message is going right to your audience’s door, meaning what you say and who you talk to needs to be specifically targeted. 

  1. Produce Positive Copy

Simply having a message isn’t enough, knowing how to communicate it is important too. This is where positive and proactive copywriting comes in. Ensure that your campaign not only gets across your message, but also the direct benefits that your audience can get from this. 

Make sure your message contains a strong, simple and clear call to action, so people know exactly what to do to enjoy the benefits. 

  1. Combine Design and Practicality

From brochures to pamphlets and beyond, a captivating design is undoubtedly important, but remember that you’re running a mail campaign. Whatever you’re producing needs to fit in an envelope and be easily distributable. 

The physical factor of mail campaigns doesn’t need to limit you though. Once you understand these restrictions you can maximise your design and enjoy postal discounts. To perfectly achieve this balance, consider working with a professional team who takes care of everything from planning to production and postage. 

  1. Be Proactive

A direct mail campaign not only goes directly to your audience, you can also use it to direct your readers to other sources. Use your direct mail campaign to lead people to your website, your online campaign, and even physical events. If there are explicit benefits that your audience can access in other locations, lead them there and keep the momentum going. 

You can couple direct mail campaigns with follow-up efforts too, such as secondary mailing campaigns or a quick telemarketing survey. This ensures that your message not only gets heard, but that it leads somewhere too. 

  1. Partner with the Professionals

From small businesses to large enterprises and organisations; everyone needs an expert on their side. In the case of direct mail campaigns, a bulk mail house and bulk postage rates are one of your greatest weapons. 

Businesses like Adelaide Business Bureaux can help you to plan your campaign, and then take care of production and distribution too. Armed with everything from envelopes to digital printers, they will ensure a professional finish for your message, and a flawless distribution. 

To learn more about how Adelaide Business Bureaux can help you with your mail campaign, call our experts on 08 8340 8340 or contact us online.