From Production to Postage

From Production to Postage

In the world of professional communication, one thing is certain. It’s not necessarily about what you have to say, but how you’re going to say it. When it comes to your message it’s all about delivery, and when you’re using the post to communicate, delivery takes on a whole new meaning. 

Not only does your mail piece have to hit the right notes and be designed to stand out, the logistics behind delivery need to be planned to run smoothly too. If you plan this to perfection though, a mail campaign is sure to have success. 

Let’s look at some of the elements that will make your message more masterful. 

Production Quality Printing

When your message exists in a physical and visual medium, having it look its best is essential. If your design isn’t immediately appealing and professional, it could end up in the junk pile. This is where printing comes in. 

Most homes and offices have a printer these days but few of them can match the quality and speed required for a direct mail marketing campaign. Production quality digital and laser printers can produce letters, postcards, flyers and more on a wide range of paper in various sizes. In black and white or colour, the results will be crisp. Not only that, these printers also print quickly, meaning they can meet the demand of larger projects.  

Addressing Machines

When you’re choosing mail as your delivery method, you’ve generally got a targeted audience in mind. The process of physically addressing envelopes can be laborious and time consuming, not to mention expensive if you misprint a few addresses. 

This is where inkjet addressing comes in. This process ensures that envelopes are marked quickly and professionally. Not only will they get to their location, but they will look official when they get there. 

Booklet Production

Are you planning on producing a flyer, pamphlet or booklet? There’s actually much more to these processes than printing and folding your paper, especially if you want to look credible. 

For things like this, it’s best to turn to a professional. Not only will they ensure the end product is crisp and professionally bound, they will also create a product that’s maximised for postal delivery and pricing. 

Maximum Mailing Discounts

Professional delivery also means the most effective delivery. After all, every organisation has a budget to meet. There are a range of postage conditions that determine the sorts of discounts you can access and these might help to frame your campaign. 

For example, you can enjoy bulk mail discounts if you’re sending at least 300 machine addressed and barcoded items, and this might encourage you to scale up your campaign for maximum value-for-money. 

Equally, if you’re eligible for charity mail status you may be able to receive additional discounts. Partnering with bulk mail houses can earn charities even more competitive rates.

If you send out newsletters, magazines or catalogues twice a year or more, you also need to investigate Print Post. Designed specifically for the mailing of these publications, Print Post offers very good rates when compared to Barcoded Presort postage rates. 

A final example is unaddressed mail. If you’re simply targeting a specific area for promotional or customer-building services, seek advice from your mailhouse on the most cost effective way to do so. This medium allows you to gain blanket coverage of a particular geographic area at a very reasonable price. 

If you’re looking for printing and mailing services in Adelaide that provide all these benefits and more, look no further than Adelaide Business Bureaux. Give us a call on 08 8340 8340. Contact us today for professional message delivery, covering everything from set up, to production, processing and lodgement for postal discounts.