High Speed Production Folding Machines

Have you ever wondered who folds all those newsletters, letters, posters and documents that are delivered to your door? 


Are you daunted by the idea of running your campaign and having to do all that folding for yourself? 


The truth about folding is that it’s less a “who” and more a “what” that is responsible for folding all those documents. At Adelaide Business Bureaux we have high speed production folding machines at our disposal that do exactly that.


Our folding machines will ensure that you get that perfect fold every time. If you’ve ever tried to fold 100 letters back-to-back you will know that this is nearly impossible! Even if you can achieve the perfect fold, there’s no way you will be able to match the speed and efficiency of these machines. 


Our machines are capable of folding up to 20,000 A4 pieces of paper per hour. The great news is that our folding machines are all part of our processing service, and our complete printing and mailing solutions.


How small does your letter need to get? No matter what your answer to that question is, our folding machines can help you. Our machines fold to the following sizes: 


  • A4 to A5
  • A4 to DL (one third of A4)
  • A3 to A4
  • A3 to A5
  • A3 to DL
  • Plus other folds

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