How To Avoid Campaign Budget Blowouts

How To Avoid Campaign Budget Blowouts

To the uninitiated, mail processing is a simple process – after all, you just put something into an envelope and mail it.

It sounds simple enough, but when you are dealing with 50,000 mail items with fun (or funny) shapes and 16 different protruding angles, just ‘putting it in an envelope’ goes out the window!

Most mailhouses offer hand and machine enclosing services, but marketers or agencies sometimes forget that hand enclosing can cost four to five times more than machining.

Preventing an expensive mistake

A lack of bulk mail experience and knowledge are the main reasons for campaign overspend.

A simple way to avoid unnecessary blowouts is to consult with your mailhouse from the very beginning.

At Adelaide Business Bureaux (ABB) we consult regularly with design houses and advertising agencies on client requirements, and we can advise whether it’s possible to mail a particular item.

Invariably we come up trumps and tick several boxes:

• Professional end-to-end campaign handling
• A solution that solves the client’s requirements
• Final packaging is creative, and provides maximum impact
• The job fits the budget.

Having been in the business for 30 years in Adelaide, we understand mail processing requirements and Australia Post’s sorting, barcoding and presentation standards.

We will test your mail items for machine processing – and if this isn’t possible, we will give you a quote so you can decide whether to proceed with us.

We are also always happy to give you a tour of our mail facility in Hindmarsh – just give us call on 08 8340 8340 or complete our quick online form.

Talk to us before you send out your next attention-grabbing parcels!