How To Save On Bulk Mailouts

How To Save On Bulk Mailouts

When you have a mailout for your business, do you also process the mailing yourself?

A common misconception is that if you handle the mailing yourself, rather than use a mailhouse, you’ll save money. In most cases, this is simply not true.

If treated as a proper costing exercise, and taking into account staff wages, printing, materials and possible lost productivity, the use of a professional bulk mailhouse can save time and money in most cases.

Mailhouse firepower

A mailhouse comes with the required equipment and staff with expertise to ensure that your mailings are handled professionally, efficiently and promptly.

With barcoding software; quality high speed laser and digital printers; folding and enclosing machines; as well as the availability of bulk postage discounts; a mailhouse is likely to save you (or your clients) hours in labour, and hundreds – possibly thousands – of dollars depending on the size of the mail campaign.

Our equipment and efficiency will drastically reduce the time taken to process your mail packages, and get them into the post.

Meanwhile your staff are doing what they are employed to do!

Benefits of DPID (Delivery Point Identifier barcode)

DPID is a unique barcode assigned to most street addresses in Australia. The barcode allows the Australia Post sorting machines to quickly and accurately read addresses on envelopes.

When a mailhouse adds a DPID to your supplied database, produces a postal manifest, and sorts correctly for lodgement with Australia Post, you will achieve the maximum postage discounts available for that particular package. In many instances, these postage savings will cover the cost of the processing by a mailhouse.

And as a general rule of thumb, the greater the numbers mailed, the greater the savings.

In summary – 3 ways a mailhouse can produce significant cost savings:

1. Fast, professional and economical production (which can include printing of materials) and processing, with major time savings.
2. Significant postage savings due to barcoding, sorting and correct presentation to Australia Post.
3. Increase in staff productivity due to staff not being tied up in folding and enclosing of mail, etc by hand.

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