Ink Jet Addressing Machine

An essential part of effective direct mail campaigning is, of course, the actual postage element. There’s no point printing, packing and wrapping your great campaigns, newsletters and flyers if they’re never going to reach their location. This is where that all-important address comes in.


With our ink jet addressing machine the days of adhering manual labels to envelopes are almost gone. For you, this means removing yet another time-consuming element in your communication process. Say goodbye to making sure the right addresses end up on the right envelopes. Let us take care of all of that for you.


The ink jet addresser is primarily used for the addressing of packages that do not contain any personal pieces. Packages that are free of personalised pieces need an address on the envelope to get to where they need to go. The ink jet addresser will take care of that for you.


The ink jet addresser is also used for the addressing of promotional postcards. Invite people to invest in your idea with ink jet addressed promotional postcards.


With the ink jet addresser, mailing barcodes, names and addresses are printed directly onto the front of plain-faced envelopes or postcards. These barcodes are essential for postal discounts, which is a major factor when you’re sending in bulk. Our addressing machine can print onto envelopes sized C6 to B4 and it works quickly.


In fact, the ink jet addressing machine is capable of addressing an average of 8000 envelopes per hour, dependant of size, and is capable of printing up to 10,000.

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