Mail VS Internet Marketing

Mail VS Internet Marketing

I’ve been interested lately about what sort of response rates companies using the internet for marketing are achieving.

We were worried for some time that the internet was going to damage our business because of the obvious advantage of being comparatively inexpensive when compared to the costs of marketing through direct mail.

The interest in this came to me when I was busy deleting the latest batch of spam (and scams) from my computer.

So far this week I have forgotten to pick up a parcel from Australia Post and will have to pay a fine to collect it, I have apparently won the lottery in Nigeria and am now a multi millionaire and I have a $500 Bunnings voucher (not to mention Woolworths, Coles, Myer and several others I can’t remember) waiting to be collected.

As I write this I have received a text from The Commonwealth Bank telling me of their latest banking product, I have had messages from Westpac, ANZ and NAB banks informing me of the suspicious activity happening with my accounts. Fortunately, I don’t have accounts with any of them, so I know they are scams.

Oh, I nearly forgot, apparently my Tax return was calculated incorrectly last year and the ATO has a refund for me if I click the link on their email!

Apparently, all I have to do to claim this wealth of riches, or to fix those nasty scammers attacking my multitude of bank accounts is CLICK THE BUTTON. Once I do this, I will be able to retire on the truckloads of cash and prizes I have won!!!

QUESTION: When was the last time you opened an unsolicited email, from an unknown source and CLICKED THE BUTTON? If you are like me (and should be), the answer is NEVER!

I was listening to the ABC the other day and a gent was telling the story of receiving the Australia Post scam, and as he was expecting a package (and not wearing his glasses) he CLICKED THE BUTTON!

To his horror, his screen went black and he was locked out of his computer! Then the message appeared “If you want access to your computer, pay $1,200.00 to bank account X by 10th May and we will unlock it”, followed by “If you don’t pay by the 10th May, the price will go up to $2,400”.

And I have heard similar stories about businesses going into bankruptcy because their computer system was hacked, with the subsequent massive loss of business.

I could be a very wealthy man, I’m not sure, and because I like working here at Adelaide Business Bureaux, I’m not CLICKING THE BUTTON to find out!

So, how’s that internet marketing going for you?