Postage Services

As a fully accredited Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner we adhere to strict guidelines regarding the processing and lodgement of bulk mail. These guidelines and our own internal systems ensure that your mail is lodged correctly, achieves the best postal discounts available, and is processed and delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Presorted (Barcoded) Mail

The presorting and barcoding of letters or mail packages is the most cost effective method to send fully addressed mail. If you achieve the minimum of 300 machine addressed, barcoded and sorted items, you can benefit from bulk mail postal discounts.


Barcoded mail saves you money because it’s sorted by machines at Australia Post, without the need for any manual handling. Because of this the savings are passed on to you in the form of discounted postage rates.


Another added advantage of using Bulk Mail is the access to Small Plus letter rates for bulk mail, in addition to the standard Small or Large rates. “Small Plus” is only available via the barcoded presort service.


Australia Post offers the Print Post service in order for clients to send magazines, newsletters and other periodicals at a much reduced postage rate. To qualify for this service, your publication must be mailed at least twice a year and be registered with Australia Post as a Print Post item.


Adelaide Business Bureaux sorts Print Post mail in order for you to achieve the best possible discounts available to your package and where the numbers are sufficient to qualify, will send the mail as linehaul (processed in S.A., then freighted interstate and lodged at local postage rates).


We have specialised software that enables us to identify whether your packages are able to access linehaul discounts on top of your normal Print Post rebates.

Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed Mail is a low cost Australia Post mail service that involves the delivery of a non-personalised promotional or community message to a particular geographical area.


This medium is used for business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) advertising and also to acquire new customers, build store traffic or raise awareness of special sales or community events.


It’s an ideal medium for bulk communication with prospective customers.


We process (enclose, fold etc) unaddressed mail regularly and will produce labels and tray your packages to ensure that they are presented correctly.


Find out more about unaddressed mail on Australia Post’s website.

Charity Mail

Organisations that have achieved formal status as a charity can apply to Australia Post for a charity mail number.


This number ensures that where you send sufficient, barcoded small letter packages, you will receive further discounts on top of what you would receive when lodging normal barcoded, small letter pre-sorted mail.


Read more about charity mailings and discounts, or phone us about it on 08 8340 8340.

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