Privacy Policy

Adelaide Business Bureaux undertakes bulk mailing, packaging and printing solutions for its clients on a daily basis.


These clients include a variety of large and small corporations, government departments, charities, advertising agencies, local councils and service agencies.


Our work involves the production, processing and lodgement of marketing letters, promotional packages, appeal mailings, customer information newsletters and magazines, invoices, statements and payslips. The personalised documents within these mailings often contain many merge fields and require the use of multiple databases.


These databases and the data required to fill these merge fields is supplied by our clients and is treated with the utmost care in order to ensure its security and to protect the privacy of individuals who are contained within the databases.


It must be understood that Adelaide Business Bureaux does not collect this information. The databases are supplied by our clients for the sole purpose of the production and processing of their communications to their clients and/or customers. 


Once the mailings have been despatched, all data is backed up and held for one month, after which it is deleted from our system.


Respect for the privacy of both corporate and private client data and information is the cornerstone of our success and our reputation as a high quality service provider. As a company that handles client data every day, this respect is fundamental to the way we do business.


Processes and systems developed over more than 25 years as a bulk mailhouse enable us to confidently assure you that your private information is securely managed.


Personal information is mainly held in secure electronic databases. We use a range of security processes to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information that we hold including limiting access to certain parts of our computer systems to the necessary authorised personnel.


To this end we operate and conform to the guidelines within the Privacy Regulation 2013 that commenced on 12 March 2014.


View Adelaide Business Bureaux’s Privacy Policy (PDF), or check out the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (PDF).


The Privacy Act – The Act and all the relevant information you will need can be accessed through the user friendly website of the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at

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