Trade Mail Processing

At Adelaide Business Bureaux we have developed a finely tuned collection of systems and techniques to deliver our customers the best possible service. Our mail processing methods have been meticulously crafted and maintained over our 30 years of existence, for us to sit at the top of the mail house tree in Adelaide.  Our mail processing system includes careful folding, mechanical insertion and a plastic wrap service to create a sparkling finish for your materials and resources.



We can fold from A3 to A4; A3 to A5; A3 to DL; A4 to A5; A4 to DL; A4 to A6; and A5 to A6. Whatever the combination may be, we will always find a way to make sure that you ultimately walk away with a smile on your face.


Mechanical Insertion

We can insert up to 6 items per envelope by machine, depending on provision of suitable envelopes and inserts. We run “basic” and “intelligent” technology enclosing machines to ensure comprehensive and unique solutions, regardless of the initial inputs.


Manual/Hand Insertion (Specialty Packing)

Any job we can’t process by machine, we can insert by hand. This includes large envelopes, parcels, specialty items (badges, CDs etc.) and unusually shaped inserts or objects. These jobs are all professionally handled by skilled, experienced staff on our handline. Our dedicated team of professionals are all trained to the highest standards and the most up to date methodology when it comes to this area of mail processing. Match-mailing of 2 or more personalised items is also available.


Plastic Wrap Service

ABB also provides complete encapsulation of any paper product. This is generally used for mailing brochures, cards, newsletters, magazines, annual reports and any other publications that require maximum visual impact and great economy. We also offer environmentally friendly options such as degradable plastic wrap and recycled paper address sheets to limit your ecological footprint.


Trade Rates

Would you like to maintain the relationship with your client while we process the mail campaigns on your behalf?


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