Want Your Campaign Lodged On Time?

Want Your Campaign Lodged On Time?

In order for a mail campaign to be lodged on time, we need to stick to deadlines.

Each process in a direct mail campaign involves a specific chunk of time from start to completion, whether it’s printing 100,000 letterheads and envelopes, or personalising the same number of letters.

We often speak to our clients about timeframes and deadlines as part of the planning phase of a direct mail campaign.

And often, we’re asked to set the deadlines as we know how much time is required for each process, for example the production of inserts and envelopes, manipulation of data, or the lasering, folding and enclosing of letters.

Essentially, we look at the client’s preferred lodgement date (with Australia Post), and depending on mailing numbers and what needs to be produced or processed, we work backwards for specific dates and milestones for our clients.

Once deadlines are set, we need every party to collaborate and stick to these!

When we receive artwork and assets, we go straight to production and produce the necessary mailing components as soon as possible.

Best scenario

The ideal situation is when we receive all of the necessary art and copy at the same time. The production timeframes are governed by the one component that takes the longest to produce. When that piece is produced, everything else should also be ready.

Delays can impact the lodgement date

However, issues arise when not 100% of the materials are with us and ready for production – for example if we’re still waiting on the finalised logo or signed off text from the agency or client.

When materials and assets are delayed, our team discusses all options that’ll make small gains where possible, but the individual processes really can’t be “sped up” as such.

The rule of thumb about deadlines is if you miss a pre-determined deadline by a day or two, we will do our best, but we will probably miss the lodgement date by the same timeframe.

Want to avoid a late campaign delivery?

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